User defined Projections on the v20 Embedded Client

We were hoping to use the Embedded Client (v20) for pre-deployment integration testing.

We would like to push some User Defined Projections to the v20 Embedded Client.

The docs advise using the ProjectionsManager. However this requires a HTTP endpoint.

From yorick.laupa 's response on this post it appears that the HTTP/gRPC “does not work” in the v20 Embedded Clients)

Is there any other way to push User Defined Projections to a v20 Embedded Client?

Have you considered spinning up a container in your tests instead?

Yes that was our next port of call, it’s a bit of shame as we have a number test using v20 Embedded client. Might be an idea to list the limitations of the v20 embedded clients in the Docs somewhere so other’s don’t follow make this mistake.

Thanks for getting back to me :+1:t2: