How do I enable HTTP api in embedded node in 20.6?

Trying to update some integrationtests that use es 4.x. However, I can’t get the embedded node in version 20.10 to respond on http. (need to set up users etc as part of the test suite).

Is this not working or is there a setting I’m missing?

(es denies connections on http port completely, so not a cert issue)

If I could just get a ‘that should work’ I can have look through the code, but if it’s for some reason not supported I’d rather not waste time…

HTTP and gRPC don’t work in the v20 embedded clients, only TCP does.

Are there any plans to bring it back? These tests are rather important to us, and it would be a major undertaking bringing them to using an external process.

not in the short term.
You can use a docker based test .