Selecting Cloud Size


i have a couple of questions about cloud instance sizes…

1. I made some load testing on my Windows machine with single EventStore instance running in docker in WSL2 (RAM limited to 4gb) and the performance was enough for our needs.
I’m wondering: is it possible to roughly compare my configuration with any of your available cloud size (for example C4: 2vCPU, 4GB mem) ?

In this question below it was answered that C4 would be minimal for production use,
so it would be cool not to pay >1k for the resources that we don’t need.

Azure ES Cloud Size

2. This documentation page below states that only M16 (and up) configurations allow concurrent clients:

Provisioning | EventStoreDB Documentation

Does it mean that if i use a lower priced config (i.e. C4) my 5 API services when communicating with ES are always awaiting for a single connection to be available?
And if i use a long running subscription to $all in some other service, no one else can connect to the ES ?
…i didn’t notice any connection problems with my single docker instance… thus it is not clear what this concurrent clients means…

Thanks for your time and answers!

  1. The best way to determine of the instance size will suit your workload is to try it out. You can spin up a cluster you expect to fit the purpose, and run your load tests. The cloud environment can hardly compare with Docker inside WSL2. In addition, ES Cloud enforces ZFS file system, which increases CPU load and decreases the overall performance.
  2. There’s no limit for connecting clients. The page is called “instance size guide”, and it is what it is, a guide, and those are guidelines.