Writing events from JavaScript


AtomPub over HTTP is deprecated (https://eventstore.com/blog/event-store-20.6.0-release).
How can I now save events to the stream from a web application (from JavaScript code)?

Hey @invenisso what are you trying to accomplish? Are you actively looking to write to the database from the client

Yes, it seems like a bad pattern, but we are not developing an event sourcing system and EventStoreDB is not our main database. We just want to use EventStoreDB as the logger solution. Instead of using JavaScript console.log (“something”) method we want to emit an event. For example event when the user pressed a button on the page or event with the current variable values for debugging purposes, and so on.

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We are doing the same.

We have a React app that holds the aggregate, processes the commands and records the events back to the server. Currently this is directly back to the eventstore.
If we stop being able to do that we would have to proxy those events through our own endpoint, just so we can sent then to the store.

This seems pointless.