Windows vs Linux

How solid is Event store on Windows , a lot of comments say “we prefer linux” , which makes me concerned as Linux first products tend to run badly on windows . I’m looking at putting the store on 3000 nodes and they are all windows which will not change, .

Also with a large node count is the commercial version viable in terms of cost ?



There are a lot of clients currently running a mixture of windows and linux Event Stores and it’s stable on both platforms. The preference is mainly due to what operations team can handle and are comfortable with. I think it would be best to get in contact with the support/business side on the costs associated with running that many nodes. You can get in touch via

Windows is no problem at all (many things even run better in windows,
CLR has a much better JIT as example).

That said operationally I would prefer to be dealing with *nix servers
than windows servers. Odd things happen on windows servers. As an
example perf counter dbs going corrupt. We have seen images that just
go corrupt, you fix them, they go corrupt. Other images it never
happens. We can also discuss the registry :slight_smile: