Windows Vista support?

Hi, I tried even store at work with Win 8.1 a projections worked well. Came home and used my laptop with Win Vista. Added the simplest projection from documentation

        "$statsCollected" : function(s,e) {
              var currentCpu = e.body["sys-cpu"];
              if(currentCpu > 40) {
                   emit("heavycpu", "heavyCpuFound", {"level" : currentCpu})

Checkpoints enabled -> true, Emit enabled -> true,

Clicked on “Create” and got

Byl učiněn pokus načíst program v nesprávném formátu. (Výjimka na základě hodnoty HRESULT: 0x8007000B)


It console there is written

[03192,14,19:58:02.500] SLOW QUEUE MSG [Projection Core #2]: CreateAndPrepare - 179ms. Q: 1/2.

[03192,11,19:58:02.581] The ‘test’ projection faulted due to 'Byl učiněn pokus načíst program v nesprávném formátu. (Výj

imka na základě hodnoty HRESULT: 0x8007000B)’

It says something about bad format of something. Maybe some BadImageException, could it be? Then I’m curious whether Windows vista is supported…

Trying to run a 64 but image on a 32 bit os?

We have zero plans of supporting vista btw.


Yep, I’m at x86. I downloaded the package from - there is no x86 version. So if the downloadable version is x64, then that’s it probably…

It is x64

We dropped x86 binary support as we cannot find anyone wanting to run production databases in 2gb ram these days.

You can build it from source if you want (there is an option for it even) we do not actively test it.


Ok, thank you.