Why does EventStore OSS refuse to start as a Windows service?

I can’t seem to SC CREATE a Windows service that will actually start. I get timeout errors, but it’s not a timeout - the failure is almost immediate. Is this an issue with EventStore that I’m missing?

Perhaps the dependencies are wrong and you’re bringing it up before the network stack.

As far as I know no-one here has tried this method of creating a service, the commercial tools for Event Store includes a Windows service runner in the form of manager nodes.

This occurs even when I’m logged in and trying manual service start, hours after machine startup, hours after logon. Not a dependency issue. Won’t run as an AD service account, nor as my AD account, nor as LocalService, nor as NetworkService. Just bombs out, nearly immediately. The same command & params start fine on a command line however.

Ah, likely not dependencies then. As far as I’m aware there’s nothing unusual about the process that would cause it to fail. We’re probably not going to spend any time on this though as the commercial tools work fine and we prefer people to be running Linux anyway. A PR will likely be accepted if it doesn’t break anything else.

AFAIK SC CREATE needs a service implementation?

EventStore OSS isn’t a windows service. There are a couple of topshelf wrappers out there, as well as generic service runners.


Ah yes, further examination of the documentation suggests this is correct. Sc will accept the binary and create a service but fail to start it with this error: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/886695


And to Peter’s reply, I’d started looking at NSSM due to this.

You can use this as well if you want: https://github.com/exira/ges-runner

Similar to NSSM, just runs GES as a service with a config file