Why do I have Event Streams with $> in my EventStoreDb?

Hello everyone,

I´m currently evaluating EventStoreDb, to use it in our Company.
Now I´ve got a Problem at Importing our Data from the SQL Server to the EventStoreDb.

The amount of Inserted Rows from the $all Stream, doesnt match with the Rows of my SqlStore.
After some Research I´ve found the Problem.

Some of my Data is handled as Deleted and with the Eventtype “$>”.
Why does EventStoreDb delete my Data ?

Does anyone else have the Problem too ?

Thank you in advance

any event type and stream name prefixed with ‘$’ are system events / streams.
you can either filter them out yourself or use the server side filter feature https://developers.eventstore.com/clients/grpc/subscribing-to-streams/filtering.html#filtering-out-system-events

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Thank you for your fast Reply :slight_smile:

I filter my Events as in (https://developers.eventstore.com/clients/grpc/reading-events/reading-from-the-all-stream.html#handling-system-events) described.

But I didn´t tried the Server-side Filtering, maybe this helps in some way.

The weird thing is, that some of my written Events are beginning with $ and Contains Data like this i.e
Link metadata
“$v”: “3:-1:1:3”,
“$c”: 4768614,
“$p”: 4768614,
“$o”: “900cd6cb-e264-419a-870a-9570f565265e#f6edd4a9-204a-4ac1-8095-8a59c6c0d05b”,
“$causedBy”: “ad09b4a2-fe61-4a54-8b2a-2ea55129a329”

It seems more like an Error when I write Data to the Event Store

It is not an error. These are legit events, but they are system events. That’s why provided the system events filter as one of the premade server-side filters.

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In addition to Alexey’s comment:


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