Why am I not hitting my complete callback in writeEvents?

I am trying to write a test event to my ES. Here is my code.

var EventStoreClient = require(‘event-store-client’);

var options = {

host: ‘’,

port: 1113,

debug: true,

onConnect: () => console.log(‘connected’),

onError: err => console.log(‘error’, err),

onClose: errored => console.log(‘errored’, errored)


var connection = new EventStoreClient.Connection(options);

connection.sendPing(pkg => {

console.log(‘Received ’ + command + ’ response!’);


Here is the result I get when I run the code

Outbound: 120000000300bea64df202f946068dfdacddfba41fc9 (22 bytes) Ping


errored false

So I never hit the inside of the ping callback. What are some things I could look at? What else can I do to get more error info?