Which branch is dev?


One of my co-workers were able to pull a version of event store .NET client with changes to: EventStore.ClientAPI\EventStoreConnection.cs. Specifically it has the constructor I’m looking for: public static IEventStoreConnection Create(ConnectionSettings connectionSettings, Uri uri, string connectionName = null)

I can not seem to find the branch the changes. Any ideas? It does not appear to be in the default branch.




The default branch is the one aimed as being the next release.

There is additional work on the dev branch, but nothing there is guaranteed to be stable or even to ever make it into the product. This stuff is connection strings though, and should be pulled into the next release.


This has actually just been moved into the next release branch: https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/commit/512f3aff1024d77385a5b8561fb820a812d37627

I see that. Thanks! Either perfect timing or very quick response from Greg. :slight_smile: