Where to find information about the EventStoreDB benchmarks?


I’ve been trying to learn a bit more about EventStoreDB and I’ve across a page that claims over 15k writes per second and over 50k reads per sec. (https://www.eventstore.com/eventstoredb)

I understand these figures/performances depend on configuration and use patterns but I can’t seem to find which configuration or patterns were actually used.

Is this information public anywhere?

I’m very much a beginner in this space having only implemented basic kafka/rabbitmq systems but, as an example, I’ve created a small project that consumes from a stream which contains 31k events, it takes roughly 2-6 seconds to build a simple object model.

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@david.lazaro we’ve been working internally on the benchmarks for some time. We hope to make them public once we have them ready. However, we don’t have yet deadline for that.

Regarding the stream with 31k events, this is for sure not the typical use case for EventStoreDB. It can be used as a message broker, but it’s not designed for that. EventStoreDB is a database. So it’s focused on durability and storing/retrieving events. Could you provide a link to your repository or more information about your setup? Then we could send better feedback if that’s expected or not.

So far, I can recommend that working effectively with ESDB streams be kept as short as possible. I wrote on it longer in:

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