When is it necessary to copy the chaser.chk file over the truncate.chk file?

Hello everybody, is it necessary to always copy the chaser.chk file over the truncate.chk file when restarting the eventstoreDB?

We already restored a backup doing so, but we also already restarted the eventstoreDB without bothering. Not copying the chaser.chk file over the truncate.chk file the eventstoreDB doesn’t do the initial lengthy check and is up much faster.

It’s only for the backup / restore
Just for restarting the DB it’s not necessary to do that

Thank you Yves, I have a follow up question: what is the difference between a restart and a backup/restore? After all backuping the EventStoreDB is done by simply copying away its files so I would imagine that EventStoreDB doesn’t even know whether the files it finds at startup are really from his previous run or were recreated from a backup.

2 different type of admin operations.

Because when the backup is a file copy, the time taken between the data & checkpoint file is important in terms of what data in the data file has actually been acked to clients
( i.e there might be more data in the data files than acually has been acknowledge has written)

if , instead of a file copy , you take a snapshot of the volumes that’s ok and that rename is not necessary .
( if index & data are on different volumes , first take index then data snapshots)