What to do with large amount of events

from the docs, you can set $maxAge in a stream’s metadata.

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That’s right, you can either set $maxAge or $maxCount (or both), then you can use the scavenging function to periodically remove the old data and compact your db.

I thought ES compacted things on its own? I noticed the new compaction button in the UI. Is this a manual step then?

sorry missed this email somehow async. Exactly as I put.

It is a step that is run when you want it to be run. To run it is just
a http post.

We started building into the ES and realized we were rebuilding cron
which is not a trivial task. Easier to let you just use cron :slight_smile:


Great thanks. Exactly what I was hoping for! missed it in the docs…

I can’t seem to find any docs on how to initiate scavenging?

If you go to the admin console ( by default). There is
an admin tab that can initiate scavenging from a button. To do so its
just a post to the same uri it posts to.


Greg to be exact.

curl -d"" -i

I'll drop in a doc on it now.

Thanks, I think I am running a few version behind. No admin button for me.

Cloned the repo now. Getting an error while trying to build.

Error 2 Unable to copy file “…\libs\x64\js1.dll” to “…\bin\eventstore.tests\debug\anycpu\js1.dll”. Could not find a part of the path ‘…\libs\x64\js1.dll’. C:\Data\bin\EventStore\src\EventStore\EventStore.Projections.Core.Tests\EventStore.Projections.Core.Tests.csproj 408 5 EventStore.Projections.Core.Tests

Apologies if this is documented, hitting the google machine now.

You havnt build v8 and js1.

It might be easier to just download binaries. http://download.geteventstore.com/

Did you build using the scripts?

BTW there are now binaries on geteventstore.com for v2

btw the client api can also scavenge... or you can use testclient.exe
which has a scavenge command in it :slight_smile:

Dropped js1.dll in from the download on the main page. Its building now. seems like it’s missing from the repo

It builds from scripts - it’s a native binary. You’d be better off using the binaries for most things

You have to build that stuff first :slight_smile: not just the solution. It is not
missing from the repo. There are multiple things that need to be built
(like v8 and our C++ wrappers of it). Putting v8 binaries in the repo
would result in a massive repo. We are considering however putting
them in a submodule so people will not have to build them.

Sorry guys :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting there slowly

All up and running now, integrated into my project in like an hour or 2! great work

Whoo wee look at it go! Was using mongodb before. Playing a different game now. Very excited about this :smiley: