What to do when scavenge is stuck?

I started a scavenge ago for about three hours ago and now when I checked it looks like it hasn’t done anything. A .scavenge.tmp file was created but nothing more. I can’t see any files updating changing size so it looks like the scavenge isn’t running.

What should one when this happen?

Let me know if there is any logs or anything I can provide to help.

Anything in logs?

I’ll look tomorrow at work.

Are you running the latest version?

The release notes for 3.0.3 mention the fix for a bug which sounds like this:

  • Fixed a bug which could cause an infinite loop during scavenging when more than 10 chunks had previously been merged.

This must be it. Running 3.0.0.

When scavenge is stuck, is it safe to restart event store? And then update event store to a version where this is fixed.

Yes it is.