What is "Original"-position/-eventnumber/-stream in the following examples?

We are having some problems understanding the meaning of the “Original”-properties of a ResolvedEvent in the Eventstore.ClientApi.

Reading from $all with resolveLinks = true

We use ResolvedEvent.OriginalPosition to store how far in the $all stream we have read so far, and store it in order to resume reading from that point of $all stream.

The assumption here, is that OriginalPosition in this case is the position of the link stored in the $all stream, and not the position of the resolved event in it’s respective aggregate-stream (where we generally don’t rely on Position, but rather EventNumber).

Is this assumption correct?

Reading from $all with resolveLinks = false

We assume that *ResolvedEvent.OriginalPosition *has the exact same values in this case, since the concept “Original” is not about where read events come from, but which stream we are reading from (this is where it get’s fuzzy for us)

Is there somewhere we can find some examples that cements the understanding of Originial{Position/StreamId/Event/EventNumber} ?