Web UI Is Not Reachable

Earlier today we started running into issues with our Single Node cluster (in EventStore Cloud) and discovery failures. On a hunch, I went into the dashboard and under the Addresses for the cluster, I attempted to open the web UI for the cluster in question. (https://{clusterId}.mesdb.eventstore.cloud:2113/).

That address is timing out and is not reachable. I created a branch new cluster, thinking that maybe something was corrupted with the original, and after provisioning was complete, attempted to open the UI for that cluster. That address is also timing out.

It seems that there’s something gone awry on EventStore’s end.

It’s a usual indicator of a networking issue. If it worked before and started to fail out of a sudden, you can check the status of the peering that you have and ensure that the configured routes are still valid. Also check if anything changed on your side in terms of routing, site-to-site, and point-to-site setups, as well as IP ranges that are configured in the peering and what you actually have in your VPCs.

As ES Cloud customer you can also open a support ticket, there’s a link in the cloud console for it.