Version 3.0.0 RC2 available

Hi All,

By now most people likely to be subscribed to this list have already likely seen the twitter feed or the blog post, but just a quick note to say that we’ve just put up a public release candidate for what we hope is to be version 3.0.0 of Event Store.

The full details of the release are in this post, but the tl;dr is:

1) Get it at
2) It has clustering (EventStore.ClusterNode.exe)
3) It has in memory mode (--mem-db)
4) It has Mac OS X binaries

There are a couple of known outstanding issues which we’re working to fix, but it would be great to get as much feedback as possible from the community!



Are you planning to publish .net client API (nuget or binaries) as well? I’m having some difficulties using client build from source (something with - still looking into it)?


I believe it’s on nuget now

It’s on nuget but you need to allow prerelease

oh, really. I’ve looked ~4 hours ago and missed it :slight_smile:

One more question - I can see that you have updated your web site as well and commercial page is missing. Does this mean you are changing your pricing model as well? As far as I remember HA version was ~1.3pounds/year?


Yes thats the same. We will re-add that page.

Clustering software is included as OSS. For support, contact us!

Stream soft delete is included in 3.0.0, right?

I am also evaluating to start use the in memory mode for integration tests but also the soft stream deletion should be cool for this topic. My setUps and tearDowns will become less tricky. :slight_smile:


yes it is. I dont think its there for projections yet but its there in general ($tb).

Doing a delete through atom will soft delete by default.


As Greg says the default delete over HTTP is now a soft delete. However, the default delete through the .NET client is a hard delete which does not allow stream re-creation.

Furthermore while soft deletes can help during testing, in-memory is almost certainly better - unless you’re careful about how you construct your assertions on event numbers, if you’re making any. After a soft delete, stream numbers will not start at 0.



Hi James, yes I am on the HTTP API.

So with the default behaviour I get a soft delete but the re-created stream it will start from the stream number next to the last one of the deleted stream?

Maybe I am missing something about $tb. I am reading a discussion now, maybe it is simple than I am thinking.


As you described is correct.

you dont have to worry about $tb over http at all it will do everything for you. There is a http header if you wish to permanently delete. The behaviour is discussed here

Thank you for the explanation.

Ok so my biggest problem now it that my actual version is 2.0.1. :wink:



If you don’t need to be in production for a bit I’d suggest trying out 3.0.0rc2 :slight_smile:

Both soft deletes and in-memory weren’t in 2.0.1!


Sure James. I have to release one thing based on ES and then I will start to go to 3.0.0. :slight_smile: