using the client messages during testing


In some testing that I’m doing I need to construct an EventReadResult class.

This is currently not possible do to the fact that the ClientMessage static class is internal—the ResolvedIndexedEvent class is public but I am unable to get access to it, other than via reflection.

Are there plans to make the ClientMessage class public, or could a “Testing” assembly be created to allow the creation of factory classes whilst still keeping the ClientMessage class internal?

Any help appreciated.

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I raised a PR for this (or very very close to this) that is still open:


I would prefer to keep the types internal, I know it sucks but over time we have found it to be the best of bad options. I am open to suggestions btw.

The suggestion of different types for testing etc I am happy t review :slight_smile:

That makes sense.

Could we then have a separate assembly to allow creation of these types?

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