Using resolveLinkTo without Projections


I would really love to take advantage of the resolveLinkTo option in the ClientAPI.

I know projections are currently disabled but is inserting my own links supported at this stage?

I found have that doing something like this works fine:

public static Task AppendLink(

IEventStoreConnection conn,

string stream,

int linkToEventNumber,

string linkToStream,

int expectedVersion)


var linkEventId = Guid.NewGuid();

var bodyString = string.Format("{0}@{1}", linkToEventNumber, linkToStream);

var linkEventBody = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(bodyString);

return conn.AppendToStreamAsync(



new EventData(linkEventId, “$>”, false, linkEventBody, null));


But wanted to check that this is supported and that I am not missing anything?



In addition - I am not currently adding any metadata for my linkTo events. I notice there is some when they are created from
a projection - is that just to support the projections features or do I need to be adding some metadata as well?



This is fine. We use it internally and are unlikely to change it though it is unsupported.