Using Event Store to store/stream audio?

I’m not very familiar with Event Store yet, so I realize there’s a chance that what I’m asking is completely out of scope for Event Store…

I’m building a relatively small self-hosted audio recording system, based on streaming an monitoring the audio for a single microphone. The idea is to store waveforms of all audio ever recorded. I’ll probably store that in Event Store. I also want to store the last hour or so of actual audio, though. Does it make sense to store this audio in Event Store? I suppose I could put one or ten second chunks as events, but I also want to have N clients attach to the audio stream and listen in, with as little latency as possible. But I also want to be able to go back to the audio 6 minutes and 3 seconds ago, so I need to store the audio, not only stream it.

Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

I probably would not do this. There are existing audio platforms that are quite capable of doing this.