Using Event Store in ruby


If someone is interested in using ES in ruby environment I would like to recommend this gem. It is HTTP connector to the Greg’s Event Store and we are still developing it. You can find more information how to use It here.

Thanks for that,

I’ve just submitted changes to the site to add the project to the community page, should be there sometime later on today.


It’s a good solid foundation - I’ve extended it some and we’ll be using it in our ES-backed application as well, so it should stay pretty up to date.

Assuming, of course, that my PR’s ever get addressed :wink:


(I’m working with Tomek on this project)

Justin, thanks for your Pull Requests! They were both good improvements and have just been merged in.

Great to hear that it will be used in your application!

If you (or anyone else) have ideas for improvements, feel free to share with us, here or via a Pull Request.