User Dashboard Projection

Can someone please guide me what would be the logic to present user dashboard? I need to show each user his own dashboard. Does it mean i will use linkTo on each user’s, campaigns, projects, etc in its own stream and then do a count on new stream linkTo creates?

Can you be a bit more specific ?
what kind of dashboards ?
sounds like a job for dedicated read models instead of user defined projections inside the db engine

So basically i want to show

number of users signed up in last 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours.
number of failed login attempts by hour, day

number of impressions in last X minutes, Hours, Days
number of clicks in last X minutes, Hours, Days

i have the $category
user ( UserCreatedEvent, UserFailedLoginEvent)

I’m not sure how to approach metrics for this to show on our frontend dashboard.

what dashboarding are you using ( grafana / ???)
out of the box there is no connector to dashboarding software for business related information
you’ll need a piece of software that creates read model dedicated to the dashboarding need.

okay so this means i just need to use read models and do aggregates on different db’s and show in JS charts.

I was thinking to somehow utilize eventstore projects for this purpose.

not sure what you mean there .
The idea is
( business events ) =appended into> EventStoreDb <subscribed= (events transformed into read models ) <= Dashboarding

everything between ( …) is software you need to write .