I would be awesome if you guys (probably you) could blog or provide examples on how the ES can be used in “normal” CQRS/DDD/ES scenarios, something along the same you find by using CommonDomain and JS’s ES and such. Plus, what it gives beyond this. What kind of capabilities does it have, do we a message bus, or when do we need one and so on.

compensating act:

“do we a message bus, or when do we need one and so on.” -> Do we need a message bus…

Put a card.

To start with it can be a drop in replacement for any of those. This week I hope to blog a migration from Jo. It’s actually pretty simple. The main capability it has as a direct replacement is being far more performing (my guess would be two orders of magnitude) and of course no external dependencies like SQL. The paid version is also clustered with consistent hashing on the roadmap so think nosql event store (eg scaling to hundreds of nodes). Another interesting feature is streams exposé as atompub making them easy to access from various platforms.

If you go deeper into it it has other capabilities like projections being built in with javascript but this is getting out of scope as a direct replacement.