Upper limit on number of concurrently running continuous projections?

I’m experimenting with converting my event-sourced system to be backed by ES. I’m trying out continuous projections to form the state of my read models.

Things seem to look great and be pretty clean, but I don’t know much about the scalability of continuous projections. I know that ES supports millions of streams, but is there an upper limit on the number of continuously running projections that can be enabled at one time?

With the way i’ve implemented things so far, I’m expecting one to a few projections per aggregate, so i’m guessing I need to consider in the order of dozens of projections.

Also would be curious to know what other ways people use ES to project read models. I’m hoping to avoid having to replay events client-side.


Hi John,

I am just starting out with ES and asked a fairly related question the other day, not about performance limits but rather when best to use the ES projection system. I thought you might find it useful :slight_smile: https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!topic/event-store/s2Ocf-A4FE8

Wow, that IS interesting. Thanks!