Upgrading to 3.1.0 (oh, I blinked and missed it...) 3.2.0

I would appreciate some guidance on how to upgrade cluster. Assuming our client libraries are all compatible with the new interface, is the old data stable?

If so, I can see from old threads here about upgrading from 1.x-2.x that the data should be stable and we should be able to just cycle new nodes in, but don’t see anything recent.

It would be great to have some guidance (possibly a section in the documentation) about upgrading between versions.



Upgrade one by one.

Sorry if I wasn't clear. We generally use semantic versioning so the
version numbers tell you if things are safe.

You can upgrade by downing a node->upgrade it bring back to cluster.
Repeat for all nodes. Generally you want to do slaves first then the



Thank you for the rapid response, and for the releases.

Looking forward to getting these into production.

On the other hand (given that I know your use case), I’d wait for 3.2.1 (coming today) which will resolve this issue: https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/issues/673

3.2.1 is now out which fixes an issue with atom feeds.