Upgrade docs 2.x to 3.x, ConnectionSettings.On____ methods changed in 3.x?

I am reacquainting myself with EventStore after setting up my ibGibbified custom library for it a (long) while back, and I have recently upgraded from the 2.x client to the most recent (3.0.1). I’ve spent quite awhile going through the new documentation and I just can’t find any regarding the upgrade process. Could someone point me to this documentation (if it exists)?

At the moment, my issue is about the On____ methods (e.g. OnAuthenticationFailed, OnClosed, etc.). I can’t seem to find any of these methods anywhere, despite the fact that I keep coming across them being referenced in more recent posts/docs. Do these configuration methods still exist? If so, which namespace/assembly? (I’ve tried grepping through source and couldn’t find it).

If they don’t exist, what is the recommended way of handling the same functionality?

they are events on connection :

etc the other thing for upgrade is removal of sync methods (just use
.Result/.Wait from the outside). This is discussed as well in the 3.x
release notes from 2.x

The docs are under heavy flux right now and should be much more
updated within a few weeks (dozens of commits this week)


That’s awesome. Thanks for the info and the super-fast response. I saw the part about the async methods, and that seemed to make sense as IIRC, the sync methods simply called Wait() on the async methods anyway.

As for the update on the docs, I will include my upvote on the Azure-related material. We are currently going through setting it up on Azure, and we have it somewhat up and going via the documentation at the wiki. This is a great step-by-step, but I think perhaps it is slightly out-of-date, as we had to add a port 80 endpoint on Azure to get it to work correctly. We were thinking perhaps the existing endpoints in the instructions were used before the use of the reverse-proxy (nginx)?

Also, to dumb it down to others at my level (I am just a dev without a whole lot of experience setting up the infrastructure :), I would indicate in the instructions which “get-event-store” places should be replaced with [insert your dns here] or something similar. I believe this would be mostly in the nginx config section (sites available config name, server name in config file). I think you could just add a note about this and you wouldn’t have to change any of the actual example code.

Thanks again,

Bill Raiford