uninstalling from Mac

This may be a terribly dumb question (or perhaps just misguided) since I can find no references, but is there not an uninstall utility for this on mac? I just realized I could go the docker route and don’t necessarily want to keep packages installed that I may not use. Is the only way to go through the pkgutil and remove all the associated files?

That is a good question actually! We only just rereleased the macOS and Homebrew packages, and so they are very much in testing right now, and we forget that important step. We’ll look at this as soon as possible, but for now you can check the installer or Homebrew logs to check what needs to be cleaned up.


Ah ok, awesome, thanks so much for the quick response! Not a big deal,
just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

There actually is a way to do this, though we should make it more obvious. MacOS .pkg files leave a manifest in ~/Library/Receipts or /Library/Receipts or /private/var/db/receipts (depending on how it was installed), and this can be used to remove the package today. We’ll put an actual uninstaller on the backlog though.