Unexpected response in EventAppeared

We have called ConnectToPersistentSubscription, and when EventAppreared is fired we get this:








I had a quick look through the forums and couldn’t get any extra information.

Looking at the stream we have connected to doesn’t seem to highlight any problems.

Anyone shed any light on this?

We have been using this process for months and not come across this before.

How is your persisted subscription set up? e.g. what stream is it reading from and how is that stream created?
What you are seeing is a projection checkpoint.

The stream was created via the $by_category projection.
The persisted subscription was setup by our Subscription Service which calls: CreatePersistentSubscriptionAsync

As for the Projection Checkpoint, I assume you mean the information in Projection Details:

Last checkpoint

Anything else you need?

Ah damn.
I made a code change in my subscription service, and for a particular scenario I was not using PersistentSubscriptionSettings.Create().ResolveLinkTos() when creating my PersistentSubscriptionSettings!

Thanks anyway.