Undoing a soft delete

I accidentally deleted a stream. I read that it can be recreated by writing an event to it. So I tried that. But all I see is the new event.

Check the stream metadata.
Is there an event in there like:

{ “$tb” : }

There was. I was thinking of just removing it, but I thought adding an event was safer. But now it’s not there anymore.

I think if you added a new event, all it would do is show the events from that new event onwards, not the older events.
If I have done this in the past, I $tb to zero to bring the stream back.

so now I have this, but at the stream itself:

what’s interesting is that if I go to event 0


I see it

hmmmm…suspected caching, so I opened up devtools, and they all appeared!

So problem solved?
What’s “devtools” - is that specific tool?

The Chrome dev tools

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Reminder that this will only work if you ‘un-truncate’ the stream before scavenging.

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