Under what circumstances does the client reconnect?

My connections to a replica are moved to a master/leader right away. Thought it was a persistent subscriptions thing, but seems to be all subscriptions?

EventStoreConnection ‘xxxx’: going to reconnect to [Unspecified/]. Current endpoint: [Unspecified/, L10.1.0.53:54556].

63: Leader
67: Replica

I seem to have missed the PerformOnAnyNode setting, now it looks like persistent subscription is the only case for reconnect?

I’ll keep posting my findings here, hopefully it of use to someone, or future me:

Connecting to a follower or replica and starting a persistent subscription reconnects to leader.
Using Random node, and attempting a write on a replica does not reconnect to a capable node.

Restarting a replica seems to move all connections to the leader. A follower would be preferable, but can’t see any way to configure that?