Unable to subscribe to events on Ubuntu 20.04

Sorry for the newbie and unclear question,
I am using EventStore 5.0.8, everything used to work fine all connections are working correctly, I can save events to EventStore and subscribe to incoming events, this is both on Debian 10, and on AWS EC2, but ever since I installed Ubuntu 20.04 I became unable to subscribe to incoming events for some reason, all my connections are fine I can publish events and I can see them on the Admin dashboard, but I am unable to subscribe to events.
already tried running it on docker and locally also I tried installing a newer version (20.10.0) but to no avail.

It’s hard to say anything as you haven’t provided any details, like your tech stack and application code, which subscribes to ESDB. Maybe we can start with that first.

The problem wasn’t with the OS, it actually worked just by going to projections on the admin Dashboard, clicking Disable All then clicking Enable All.
I don’t know if that is intentional and I missed it in the documentation, or it’s a problem.