Unable to run the simplest projection


Sorry for the newbie question but i am starting with EventStore and i am unable to run the simplest projection.

I edit it and save … and it gets to the state Stopped (Enabled) then i try to “start” it but nothing happens.

However when i go to debug mode it seems to work

This is my projection



$init: function () {

return { count1: 0 }; // initial state


myEventType: function(s, e) {

s.count1 += 1;

return s;



it is “emit enabled” and continous and it’s name is counter21

Stream 06141411007344003 already exists with several events of type myEventType already loaded.

However i never see the “Running” state on the projecction, and accesing to it through browsing returns 404

Do you see anything wrong? … i am trying to follow the examples in documentation

Thanks in advance


–run-projections=all ?

by the way i am using the version:

ES VERSION: (master/549d96219418572625b2f68d46ec809d9e86f7df, Thu, 1 Aug 2013 18:26:54 +0100)

OS: Windows (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1)

RUNTIME: .NET 4.0.30319.18444 (64-bit)

Whats the command line you are running? Are you running with --run-projections=all? As projections are still in beta they are disabled by default for systems.

uuhh … ok … that was the problem … they are running nicely after i used that option.

Thanks James, Greg