UI doesn't load and times out

Hello everyone.

I created a project with a cluster and a network. It is peered with our VPC (accepted and no overlapping) and routing is done - everything is done by the book, according to Provisioning | EventStoreDB Documentation.
The issue is that even if everything is fine:

  • Cluster status: OK
  • Network: Available
  • Peering: Active
    when I try to access the UI Link from Clusters\Addresses, I get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.
    P.S.: running a nc -vz against the TCP links from the terminal, returns Operation timed out too

What could be the reason?
Thank you,

Hi @silviu could you open a ticket for that in our support system ?
( I’ll DM you who has access if you don’t have access to it )

Hi @yves.lorphelin . Before opening it, I can see that I can hit the tcp with nc, from an ec2 instance that’s in the peered vpc. Is it a security measure to restrict the access from outside?

yes, the DB ui is not publicely exposed, same as the database itself .
so you need to go throught the peering .

opening a ticket woul be helpful, even if you know the answer ,
→ gives me a +1 to push for more easy access of the DB & UI hosted in our cloud

Hi @yves.lorphelin . I do not have access to the ticketing system. Can you point me to the right person who can can create an account for me? Thank you.

I’ve sent you a DM with details