Ubuntu ES Upstart

Just sharing with others if they are interested

in /etc/init/eventstore.conf


description “Event Store”

Toggle to remove auto startup


start on started networking or runlevel [2345]

stop on runlevel [!2345]

Path to Event Store installation

env ES_DIR=’/opt/eventstore/’

Path to Mono installation

env MONO_DIR=’/opt/mono/’

Path to Event Store Configuration file

env ES_CONFIG=’/etc/eventstore/config.json’

Path to v8 and js1

env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=’/opt/eventstore’

Name (and local user) to run Hubot as

#setuid ubuntu

Keep the process alive, limit to 5 restarts in 60s


respawn limit 5 60

exec ${MONO_DIR}bin/mono --gc=sgen ${ES_DIR}EventStore.SingleNode.exe --cfg ${ES_CONFIG}


now you can “sudo stop eventstore” & “sudo restart eventstore”. Helped me at least. If you have suggestions please share!