Ubuntu - configuration not working /etc/init, but does manually

When I manually start eventstore by the command line with the --config set to my config file it works as expected with my DB and LOG set correctly

if I use sudo start event-store, the log shows the same config file (set by ENV) but the values are not used (they do not show in the log)

Any ideas on my issue?

What information can I supply to help hunt this down?


description “Event Store”

start on (filesystem and net-device-up eth0)

stop on runlevel [!2345]

Path to Event Store installation

env EVENTSTORE_DIR=’/datadrive/EventStore-OSS-Linux-v3.0.1/’

Path to Event Store Configuration file

env EVENTSTORE_CONFIG=’/datadrive/EventStore-OSS-Linux-v3.0.1/eventStore.config’

Path to v8 and js1

env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=’/datadrive/EventStore-OSS-Linux-v3.0.1/’

Name (and local user) to run Event Store as

setuid eventStore

Keep the process alive, limit to 5 restarts in 60s


respawn limit 5 60


chdir /datadrive/EventStore-OSS-Linux-v3.0.1

exec ${EVENTSTORE_DIR}clusternode


#Database and logs path

Db: “/datadrive/ESData/db”

Log: “/datadrive/ESData/logs”

#Run all projections

RunProjections: All

The environment for the sudo user is different to your local user, no?

True, but the confusing item here (to me)…

No matter which way the application is run, the config file is listed.

Only the sudo way seems to apply the settings in the file.

I’ll check logs and check manually running as my event store user