Two of freshly installed three instances on Ubuntu are dead

For the first time I get this strange situation.
I installed three instances of the OSS version 3.9.3 on Ubuntu 14. The first one was installed a couple of weeks ago and two others - today.

They all use the same config file, except the ip addresses are different:

StartStandardProjections: True

RunProjections: All

ClusterSize: 3

DiscoverViaDns: False




IntTcpPort: 1112

IntHttpPort: 2112

ExtTcpPort: 1113

ExtHttpPort: 2113


I can log in to the first instance and everything seems to be fine. Two other instances only display the html file and I cannot login there since, it looks like, the backend web API is not available. The first instance shows all three nodes in the cluster status, with two marked as dead.

Looking at the port status on these “dead” nodes everything seems to be fine, even it shows that it has connections to two other nodes:

user@dev-inf-dbs03:~$ sudo lsof -i :2113


eventstor 25281 eventstore 18u IPv4 418403 0t0 TCP dev-inf-dbs03.local:2113 (LISTEN)

eventstor 25281 eventstore 20u IPv4 418440 0t0 TCP dev-inf-dbs03.local:2113->dev-inf-dbs02.local:34894 (ESTABLISHED)

eventstor 25281 eventstore 21u IPv4 419396 0t0 TCP dev-inf-dbs03.local:51024->dev-inf-dbs02.local:2113 (ESTABLISHED)

eventstor 25281 eventstore 22u IPv4 418590 0t0 TCP dev-inf-dbs03.local:2113->dev-inf-dbs01.local:60424 (ESTABLISHED)

eventstor 25281 eventstore 23u IPv4 419374 0t0 TCP dev-inf-dbs03.local:45664->dev-inf-dbs01.local:2113 (ESTABLISHED)


I also tried to use the Log setting (Log: /home/user/logs) but the logs directory remains empty.

What could this be, any idea?

What do you get when run in foreground? In particular it should print
your config on startup

Your gossip seeds` ports are incorrect. It should be 2112 instead of 2113.

Yes, it does. My mistake was in the wrong gossip port. Thanks ti Pieter this is resolved!