Tuning Persistent Subscriptions


I’m using a persistent subscription on a $ce stream (Pinned Subscription), and I have 5 connections that is syncing my read model. I’m seeing that data is being processed at a rate of 100 messages/sec, when I use the default configurations as attached here. How can I tune these configurations so that it gets processed at a faster rate?


Maybe check persistentSubscriptionsClient.SubscribeAsync method. You can pass a value in called bufferSize.

Thanks for this!

Under load test, we see that the messages being processed decreases further, and eventstore writes were failing. We did some analysis, we see this in the logs, which we think could be a reason too.

Leader ["<ip>:2113/eventstore.eventstore.svc.cluster.local", {74c98985-c45b-40c8-849c-5079ab478681}] appears to be DEAD (Gossip send failed); wait for TCP to decide.

We have deployed eventstore as a stateful set (cluster size: 5) on kubernetes. Is there any configuration/env variable that we can tune to improve the performance of this stateful set?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!