Trying out event store 'usage' but having ReadEventStream problems 'unexpected boolean value'

I cloned the master branch and compiled (VStudio 2010) and set up a basic console app to instantiate the ‘usage_shows_how’ class from the ClientAPI. The only thing I executed is the read_from() sample. It does the write_to calls just fine but the

var task = connection.ReadEventStreamAsync(“test”, 0, 2);

call fails with an ‘unexpected boolean value’ error from protobuf. Am I missing something here?


This has been fixed it was just a mismatch in a client message
definition. Have you pulled recently?



My pull was yesterday. Will refresh and try again. Thanks for the swift response Greg. Great work.


Ah its on dev branch
will get it into trunk.

its merged to trunk now.

Ahh. I was wondering because I pulled the latest before you did this and got the same thing. Will try again. Thanks Greg.