Trouble getting projections to work in v2.0.0 under mono?

Hi All,

Even something as simple as the following projection is failing when I try to run under mono (no issues under .NET). Any thoughts?

$init: function () {
return { count: 0 }; // initial state
$any: function(s, e) {
s.count += 1;
return s;


what error do you get?


Hi Yuriy,

Below is a screenshot of what I see in the web ui when I try to start the projection:

It doesn’t look like the attachment came through. Resending…


Export LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to your binaries folder …

That did it- thank you!

We’ll update the read me file for mono with this info.


That’s a good idea. BTW, the projection I posted originally as a very simple example now works in the debugger; unfortunately, it doesn’t work outside of it. I’ve tried under both mono and .NET (under v2.0.0);
attempting to start the projection in continuous mode leaves it in the “Stopped (Enabled)” state. Any thoughts?

Are you running with --run-projections=all?

Ah, that’s it! Thank you. I had --run-projections=1 in the upstart file.

We now use projections for users but don’t run user ones by default, so there are two settings. At some point when we release projections as stable it will be on by default!

I was pulling my hair out until I found this. I just thought I had the projections equivalent of a black thumb.