Are you using the transactions support? It is currently looking at the
chopping block as we do not see a lot of usage of it and it is
actually quite complex internally.

If you are using it, could you let me know what your use case is?


i’m using them in the same way as they are used in your examples:

If this is not needed at all, i don’t need them.

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We have pretty much the same repository implementation…

If you remove transaction support are you also removing the ability to write to more than one stream atomically?

Eventstore transactions do not support more than one stream. Although you might be able to hack that together with DTC.

Thank you. I misread the docs…

Oh, so transactions allow you to write multiple events to a single stream, but not across multiple streams?

I didn’t think multiple stream transactions made much sense.

Its mostly that you can do N writes and then commit them together
(including multiple distinct operations).

start transaction
wait one minute