Timed out waiting for client to be identified

Hi, quick question: what is this about?

Connecting from c# client, and it connects but closes at once with this message: Timed out waiting for client to be identified.


Hi Jarchin

What version of client and Event Store server are you using?

sorry… this is using 4.0.0 client on db created with 3.5.2
so, nothing to see here, go on :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, when you say db created on 3.5.2, do you mean that the server is also at version 3.5.2?

The client identification step was only added in 4.0.0, so you need to have a 4.0.0 server for that to work.
Otherwise the server doesn’t understand the identification message being sent to it. That error message could be better, though, as it’s not a timeout at all.

Correct, server is < 4.0.0.

Thank you Hayley-Jean.