time series analysis and delayed batch updates

I’m considering using eventstore for an application that analyses truck driving. This will result in a few records per second coming from each truck or maybe a few tens of records at times of more extreme activity (we’ll be monitoring the canbus). But the trucks are recording that data and sending it in batches - possibly as infrequently as daily, but certainly delayed when out of mobile data connection range.

So the time of the event is critical - not the time of the arrival of the event in EventStore.

Is there any reason this is likely to cause me a problem? I’m assuming I will have to insert my events in temporal order - that’s ok, I can cope with that, but are there any other issues?

Is anyone using EventStore like this?



Just to clarify - that’s temporal order per truck not globally.

I would add in metadata of the event “effective time” aside from “committed time” which is provided for you