Thread Deadlock when upgrade to version 22.0.0

Hello, when I upgraded project that I am working on to EventStore version 22.0.0 everything went smoothly, except one unit test. The unit test is testing wrong version when appending to a stream. Test seems to hung forever, instead of returning result status “VersionMismatch”. It seems to be some kind of Thread Deadlock.

         var result =  await eventStoreClient.ConditionalAppendToStreamAsync(

        if (result.Status == ConditionalWriteStatus.VersionMismatch)
            throw new ArgumentException("Sorry something went wrong - Version Mismatch");

        return result;

EventStore details:

  • EventStore.Client.Grpc: 22.0.0
  • EventStore.Client.Grpc.Streams : 22.0.0
  • EventStoreDB image - eventstore/eventstore:21.10.8-buster-slim

I have created project with a unit test, which represents that strange behaviour.

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Download the repository from (git clone)

  2. Run unit test

Expected behaviour - await eventStoreClient.ConditionalAppendToStreamAsync should return Task<'ConditionalWriteResult>

Actual behaviour - thread is blocked (hung) forever

I think it is a great issue to be created on GitHub in the server repository :slight_smile: