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Looks like 2.0 is shipping to master today. There are a few breaking changes I wanted to discuss quickly (though they are minor and have been previously discussed).

Files are binary compatible, no upgrades needed from 1.0 or 1.1.

$stream-created events have been removed when you write to a stream you stream will contain only the event you wrote to it

Stream metadata is now updatable and lives in its own stream $$ /metadata in atom API

Security has added some Apis (ability to include user information).

Some subtle changes in atom protocol but towards better compliance.

A small change to statistics events to allow them to be XML serializable.

In order to use 2.0 you must also update client API. These are the last breaking changes we foresee in the medium term (± a year or more). All should be easily supported by clients and have been discussed previously.

Looking forward to feedback on 2.0!