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Hi everyone,

I’m getting this error when the event store starts up. Any idea what would cause it?

Unhandled exception while starting application:

actualDataSize should be non negative.

Parameter name: actualDataSize

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: actualDataSize should be non negative.

Parameter name: actualDataSize

at EventStore.Common.Utils.Ensure.Nonnegative(Int32 number, String argumentName) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Common\Utils\Ensure.cs:line 67

at EventStore.Core.TransactionLog.Chunks.ChunkFooter…ctor(Boolean completed, Int32 actualChunkSize, Int32 actualDataSize, Int32 mapSize, Byte[] md5Hash) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\TransactionLog\Chunks\ChunkFooter.cs:line 52

at EventStore.Core.TransactionLog.Chunks.ChunkFooter.FromStream(Stream stream) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\TransactionLog\Chunks\ChunkFooter.cs:line 98

at EventStore.Core.TransactionLog.Chunks.TFChunk.TFChunk.InitCompleted(Boolean verifyHash) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\TransactionLog\Chunks\TFChunk\TFChunk.cs:line 189

at EventStore.Core.TransactionLog.Chunks.TFChunk.TFChunk.FromCompletedFile(String filename, Boolean verifyHash) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\TransactionLog\Chunks\TFChunk\TFChunk.cs:line 128

at EventStore.Core.TransactionLog.Chunks.TFChunkDb.OpenVerifyAndClean(Boolean verifyHash) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\TransactionLog\Chunks\TFChunkDb.cs:line 127

at EventStore.Core.SingleVNode…ctor(TFChunkDb db, SingleVNodeSettings vNodeSettings, Boolean dbVerifyHashes, Int32 memTableEntryCount) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\SingleVNode.cs:line 83

at EventStore.SingleNode.Program.Create(SingleNodeOptions options)

at EventStore.Core.ProgramBase`1.Run(String[] args) in c:\BuildAgent\work\c5e2638da829398b\src\EventStore\EventStore.Core\ProgramBase.cs:line 84

[PID:2616 2013.06.09 13:57:50.882 Info Application 1]

Exiting with exitcode 1

Exit reason : actualDataSize should be non negative.

Parameter name: actualDataSize

What version are you running?

Running version 1.0.0.master. I installed security updates on my server and when the event store was starting back up I saw this in the logs.

In the log it should say right near by which file it is. Can you post that bit and the actual file to drop box etc?nalso is it your last file by number?

Hi Greg,

The file is not the last file by number. I will share the file and logs with you shortly.

Thanks a bunch.


if they are large, is free and up to 20gb

Hi Brian,

I’ve checked out master v1.0.0 and loaded your chunk. Everything went fine with no errors. Checked also the chunk’s header and footer – they seem fine as well.

Maybe you are running not v1.0.0? Could you check the version of EventStore.Core.dll and post here?

Checked also with latest master – everything is ok there as well, so maybe you can upgrade to latest master and try if that helps.

Ah, I see what is going on. The wrong chunk is not 18, but 19. 18 was (according to log) successfully loaded and its hash was verified. Can you send me chunk #19 to take a look?