The object was used after being disposed


I’ve set three cluster nodes:

I start the eventstore with

–config=/etc/eventstore/eventstore.yml >> $LOG 2>&1

My config file:

IntIp: {{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}

ExtIp: {{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}

ClusterSize: 3

DiscoverViaDns: true

ClusterGossipPort: 2112

GossipOnExt: true

ClusterDns: “{{ eventstore_clusterdns }}”

They are able to select a Master.

But when I write to a slave I get “Error while forwarding request body from http:// to http://” … “(POST): The object was used after being disposed…”.

If I do I curl and try to post an event directly from a slave to a master using the url that is in the error message it works fine.

Any suggestions as to what in my configuration might be wrong?


Mats Svefors

I’m using ES 3.0.1 on CentOs 7.

pull dev IIRC there is a patch for this.

FWIW I’m also seeing this behavior. After that happens (and it seems to happen on the first request to hit a slave), the slave is then un-writeable (only returning 400 errors), but readable. Gossip shows everything is alive, and error messages just stop appearing in logs completely.

I’m compiling dev now…

Define “unwriteable” a slave is always unwriteable … I assume you mean over http posts are timing out?

No they always return 400 (quickly). See my next post for much more detail.

With an error message about forwarding the post… Yes this is fixed in dev.