TestClient - Changing the default options

Can’t seem to find any documents on setting the options for the EventStore.TestClient.exe. I tried creating an EventStore.TestClient.exe.config file but it does not seem to be working.

How can I change the default options of that application so that I can change the IP and ports for instances ?



greg@demon:~/src/EventStore$ mono
bin/testclient/EventStore.TestClient.exe --help
Usage: EventStore.TestClient options

   --help (-Help) Show help.
   --version (-Version) Show version.
   --log (-Log) Path where to keep log files.
   --config (-Config) Configuration files.
   --defines (-Defines) Run-time conditionals.
   --ip (-Ip) The IP address to bind to.
   --tcp-port (-TcpPort) The port to run the TCP server on.
   --http-port The port to run the HTTP server on.
   --force (-Force) Force the Event Store to run in possibly
harmful environments such as with Boehm GC.
   --timeout (-Timeout)
   --command (-Command)

   Application Options
   --what-if (-WhatIf) Print effective configuration to console
and then exit.

Thanks, I’ll remember to use --help

It is very weird, at least to me, for a windows application to use --help for the help menu. I tried /? and the block of text i got from that was not the most explanatory.

I ended up figuring out --ip and --tcp-port which were enough for me to start running some tests.