Sync UI with server

What mechanism used to sync UI with server? How stream events synced with back end etc.?

You’ll have to do a bit better with that question mate. No idea what you’re asking.
At least I don’t understand.

Give an example of the problem you’re having?

it’s not really a problem… I was curious what mechanism is used in user interface for Event Store (http://localhost:2113/web/index.html#/dashboard) in order to keep UI synced with back end.

For example, when you add event to some stream and the stream currently opened in UI, how the event propagated to UI? What techniques are used here? We have similar tasks in our organization and I was curious how Event Store solves this problem.

Thanks in advance

streams are exposed as atom feeds. see /streams/whatever with curl

Thanks! that’s exactly what i thought :slight_smile: