Swagger doc would be nice

I have a feeling this has already been done, but saw no evidence of it out there.

Anyone use one?

The application for me would be the possible use of setting up a proxy in Apigee in front of EventStore.

Why you ask would I want to do this? That remains to be seen, but some reasons include:

  • to have some policies in place to prevent event posts without the proper structures

  • caching (perhaps)

  • authentication gateway (which may be required)

How would setting up a proxy in front of eventstore be any different than any other source?

There used to be some docs regarding varnish/nginx IIRC. OK I bit and went to find them https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/wiki/Setting-Up-Varnish-In-Linux

The problem is the docs are nothing to do with eventstore.

Thanks Greg for your reply.

Varnish may be fine, but I am also interested in the possibility of Apigee.

So the request is not over the right proxy to use, but simply if someone here has written a swagger.yaml file that ties to the /streams and /projections endpoints of ES.

If not, I will write as time permits. :slight_smile:

If you do please post it :slight_smile:

PR to repo best route?


Hey Andre,

Did you ever create the Swagger file? I’m helping the Event Store team overhaul the docs, and for various reasons I also want to create a Swagger file, if you started one already then it would save me some time. If not, well, there will be one soon :slight_smile:

Not as of yet. 50-50 if I can get to it in January

No worries, I started one, will get it to GitHub soon and we can collaborate on it.