Support for monitoring via Prometheus

Our company is about to set up Prometheus for monitoring and alerting of both infrastructure and application level counters (service latencies etc). Are there any plans of supporting Prometheus in the event store servers?

Exposing the existing stats should be very easy if there's appetite, e.g. using, and would give us and others a way of pulling / reporting counters in a standard way.

I've seen other threads suggesting the use of stats streams, but I'm primarily interested in the unhappy paths, i.e. nodes running but not connected to the cluster etc. Beyond hacking the source directly or getting support for prometheus accepted in eventstore proper, is there any other way of accomplishing this?


There is the $stats stream but there is also /stats /stats/tcp
/stats/replication which provide this information on demand and will
be usable even if the node is not connected to a cluster

Thank you, I may look at using these and translate to a form that Prometheus understands.

Is native Prometheus support on the map at all though?

Not as of this point, the information is exposed an adapter is
generally a better idea